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About CallingPost

  • CallingPost is about helping volunteers!
  • Started in 1995 initially to help soccer coaches communicate with their teams.
  • Over 44,000 civic & volunteer groups now use CallingPost.
  • Over 65,000,000 messages have been delivered nationwide.
  • Thousands of CallingPost users live by it!
  • CallingPost messages will be delivered between 9AM and 9PM of each member's local time zone.
  • Itís simple and easy to use.


  • Save valuable time that is wasted on the phone. How much is your time worth?
    Click here to calculate the value of your time saved.
  • Send the same message to everyone quickly.
  • Send reminders of and promote events Ė improve participation.
  • Eliminate postcard reminders and save handling and postage.

Typical Uses

Coaches, Soccer, Baseball, Football, YMCA, Boxing Club, Swimming Club, Umpires

Religious Groups
Prayer Groups, Choir & Orchestra, Youth Groups, Committees, Sunday School Classes

Neighborhood Watch, Committees, Lost Pets, Pool & Clubhouse

Homeroom, PTA/PTO, Drama & Math Clubs, Band Boosters, Athletics, Cheerleaders, Home School

Civic Clubs
Boy & Girl Scouts, Optimist, American Legion, United Way, VFW, Choral, Arts

Sororities, Birth Announcements, Family Reunions, Garden Clubs, Alumni Groups, Shriners

Real Life Examples

"While rolling down the Interstate I called my CallingPost account, recorded a message and sent it to 120 families to inform them that our church bus would be 3 hours late. What a lifesaver (not only for me, but the families as well) Imagine the time it would have taken me to perform that task on a cell phone."
P.P. - Youth Minister

"CallingPost is a wonderful solution to our neighborhood communication problems. We use it to remind our members of all our neighborhood events. It is a great tool for last minute reminders of events occurring within the next few hours! It considerably increases our members participation in neighborhood events."
T.C. - Neighborhood Association

"CallingPost is one player Iím glad to have on the team! As the Director of Athletic Programs at the YMCA, itís a valuable resource for three reasons: communicating essential information to coaches, itís a low cost marketing tool for registrations, AND it frees up my time to spend on other tasks."
J.S. - YMCA Director

"Communicating a consistent messageÖto over 60 scouts and leaders is difficult. We send messages weekly, and CallingPost allows us to get a clear message to all troop members with one phone call. It truly has saved us tremendous amounts of time, and has increased participation."
K.P. - Boy Scouts

"We contact over 1,000 families with CallingPost to inform them of school functions, activities, and special notices. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loves the CallingPost and Ö our communication at the school has never been better."
K.F. - High School

How it Works

  1. Set up an account.
  2. Add phone numbers.
  3. Record and send message.

Note: New users automatically receive 10 free calls to try out the system. Afterwards, phone numbers called cost 10 cents each or less.

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